Mastrotto Brasil was established in 2001 in Cachoeira, a small town near Salvador – Bahia. Thanks to significant investments in next generation structures and technologies, Mastrotto Brasil is specialized in the production of bovines hides for Upholstery.

$ 125 mln TURNOVER



43.000 sqm. TOTAL SURFACE

Our constant commitment to customer’s satisfaction, combined with some of the most advanced production lines in the world, allows us to reach high levels of industrialization, with a special consideration for environmental efficiency.



High performance and quest for innovative style: these are the essential features of the leathers made by Mastrotto Brasil for the furniture sector. Applying the most advanced technology to processing keeps the quality high and enhances the natural elegance of leather.


Respecting the environment has always been one of the core values for the development and implementation of Mastrotto Brasil’s corporate strategies. A tangible example is the water purification system in the industrial plant: this system is more complex and innovative than the traditional chemical-physical one and, thanks to its microorganisms, it guarantees that less sludge is produced. Actually, through partial degradation of suspended solids, these microorganisms contribute to complete degradation of the pollutants dissolved. All this implies a remarkable cut in sludge production and simultaneous general improvement of the smelling impact of the whole plant.

Mastrotto Brasil’s close attention and continuous commitment to quality take place at all stages of the industrial process, thanks to efficient production and physical and chemical analysis of all batches that enable constant monitoring of the quality of the leathers produced. Staff training and consolidation of modern, state-of-the-art production plants are fundamental to and effective for the achievement of these goals, also through Italian technology and chemical products made in Europe, in compliance with international standards.
The certifications we have obtained reward the high value-added performance that Mastrotto Brasil is able to produce and drive with perseverance and dedication.


LWG Silver RatedMAS007

The ”LWG Award” recognition is an important award bestowed to Mastrotto Brasil for its good ethical, environmental and safety practice in the processing of hides.

Quality Certification & Environmental Certification

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Certification  guarantee that companies comply with fundamental standards for the improvement of efficiency both during production and delivery of service, aimed to gain and increase customer satisfaction.


Rodovia Br 101,Km 201 - Capoeirucu - 44300-000 Cachoeira Bahia - Brasil

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