Mastrotto Brasil SA, dedicated to the commitment assumed in its Environmental Quality Policy, reinforcing its engagement with the surrounding communities, as well as understanding its responsibilities towards the environment to which it is inserted, publicizes this Notice, which aims to the selection of projects aimed at promoting the preservation and protection of the local environment, sustainable development, and the improvement of the population’s quality of life, all of this, associated with a more harmonious coexistence with the whole community.



The date for publishing approved projects has been extended to 12th April 2024


The projects submitted to Mastrotto Brasil SA must necessarily contain socio-environmental bias, aimed at protecting and preserving the Environment, so as to bring improvements to the quality of life of the community to which it is inserted, through the development of more responsible actions, informing and raising awareness people in the environment in which they live. Thus, all projects must contain actions of an educational nature, considering the interdependence between the natural, socioeconomic and cultural environments, under the focus of sustainability.


The object of this edict is the technical and financial support (in the form of donation of equipment, materials and supplies, etc.), for investments in social and environmental projects, aimed at organizations representing the legally constituted civil society, and non-profit, such as Associations , NGOs, Cooperatives, religious entities, etc., from the counties in the area of direct influence of Mastrotto Brasil SA, namely: Cachoeira, São Félix and Muritiba, in the state of Bahia.